Shipscourt by Garrett Lee

Shipscourt | SHIPSCOURT

#4 Lush Pt. 2

Space Gothring
Lush Part 2
-365 Days Later-
date 401.10.126

It was a murmur coming from the corner of the observation deck. At first i didn’t believe that I had heard it, yet there it was echoing off every wall. They leave me alone here, the observation deck that is, where once it was bustling with life and my comrades stood at the hundreds of computers that sprawled throughout the deck like a web.

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#3 Lush


(Shipscourt #3)
date 401.8.89

We met late in the month not too far from Terabeak Lake, the air held an intense sulfur stench that lingered endlessly. There was no escaping the rotten egg aroma, no matter where you went on this god-forsaken moon. The sky, if you could call it that, was its usual lavender hue.

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#2 Sol Pt. 2

SOL Part 2
(Shipscourt #2)

-365 Days Afterward-
date 398.1.16

“General Barron, sir.” spoke a young private on radar duty, “we are detecting faster-than-light radiation from the Kuiper Belt satellites.”
The General set his pad down slowly onto one of the lit stations in front of him, he veered his gaze towards a panel on his left. He closed his eyes as to clear his mind, yet all he could think about is how the panel confirmed the private’s readings. Admiral Thronn had brought his fleet back to Sol. “Hail the Triaga fleet on the Neptunian orbital station, alert them to a possible Asterran invasion force.”

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#1 Sol

sol system
(Shipscourt #1)
date 397.11.158

“Quickly!” roared Admiral Thron, “Steady the ship, prepare to lift her back into orbit.” The Admiral briskly paced up and down the bridge, looking over the shoulders of his crew at the various screens that lit up with endless symbols and instruments.
“Admiral, they just disabled the Scaranvara! Containment breach!” the frightened young helmsman yelled as his hands scurried about on the panel in front him.
The ship vibrated as shockwaves from the explosion reached the hull. “Steady yourself lieutenant!” snapped the Admiral as he starred at the large curved view screen in front of him, perplexed more than anything. “Commander, check with engineering, I want answers dammit! How are they doing this? Destroying four of Asterra’s greatest combat ships in a matter of hours.”

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